Saturday, November 30
(10:00 - 5:00)


Saturday: 10:00 - 5:00
Sunday: 10:00 - 5:00

NOTE: The farm will close when inventory is sold out.

REMEMBER, fresh is best–if you don't visit us, please visit a Christmas tree farm in your area.


For the holiday season this year, we have hundreds of trees available for sale.  We offer three types of pines: Scotch, Austrian and White, ranging from 3 feet to 14 feet and over.

The Scotch pine group consists of: East Anglia from England -- medium length needles. French Blue from France -- short needles; blue-green in color. Scotch Highland from Scotland -- long needles

Austrian pines have 4-6" long needles and vary in range of green from light to dark.

The White pine has soft, 4" long needles and vary in range of green from light to bluegreen. Members of the Kansas Christmas Trees Growers' Association report that White pines may be used in homes where allergies are a problem -- there seems to be little or no reactions to them.

Everybody has a personal concept of the perfect tree.  We offer trees that are sheared in order to develop a full-bodied, symmetrical appearance.  Other trees reflect our philosophy of trimming to the integrity of the tree.  We do not force a particular shape, but rather let the natural shape of the tree determine how it is trimmed.  With that in mind, we offer you full, open trees that invite you to hang the ornaments deep within as well as to the outside.

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